Frank Madrid

Frank is a kind, intelligent, and somewhat silly man. Currently, he is working towards a PhD in computer science. In addition to taking graduate classes at UCR, he also teaches computer science at Crafton Hills Community College and the Art Institute. When he’s not busy writing code or grading quizzes, Frank enjoys playing board and video games with his friends. Be careful if he ever challenges you to a game of Super Smash Bros though - he plays a mean Pikachu!


Kaitlin Rosalie Fields

Kaitlin is a lover of all things of the nerd persuasion.  She currently studies writing at UCR and aspires to become a writer of fictional works. When she isn't losing to me at a game of Mario Party, you can find her  watching anime or trapping poor defenseless creatures in spherical plastic prisons like this little guy on the left. They say "every man needs a princess," fortunately, this one wasn't "in another castle." Love you, sweetie!


Call: (661) 432 - 8453